“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”

– Robert Louis Stevenson

Road trips are the best.  #obvious

Road trips to pick up gear to take on our next road trip are even better.

We took last Friday off and made the trip down from Vancouver to Seattle to pick up some gear that we had ordered through ARB.  We sent them a quick email asking about parts for the Toyota and they generously offered up a discount on everything we mentioned.  This blew us away.  They didn’t know us, but knew what we were doing and  wanted to support it.  Amazing!

This awesome gesture did three things:

1.  It gave us even more confidence that our choice to do this trip was a good one.

2.  It helped our budget enough that we’d be potentially be able to spend another 4+ weeks travelling.

3.  It provided us with a quality suspension, shade, and endless cold cervezas so we can relax after a long day of driving… and then use these luxuries to make new friends!

Our first stop of the road trip was at Woods Coffee in Blaine, WA.  Richard talks about this place about 1000 times a year, so he’s always a little excited when we can get giant almond milk lattes for cheap!



Then Ashley got excited as well when we arrived at ARB in Renton, WA!



The parking lot suggested that we were in the right spot.  Lots of cool trucks here!



We loaded our pallet of goodies into the Chevy!  ARB’s Jeep was on the hoist so we got to check that out.



So, what did we pick up??

1x 303003 – Torsion Bar Hilux/4Runner Pair
2x N98 – IFS 4Runner Front Shock
2x CS020R – Hilux/4Runner Heavy Duty Dakar Rear Spring
2x 60062 – Sport Shock Hilux/4Runner
2x OMESB43 – Bushing Kits
4x OMEU53B – U-Bolts
1x 181469 – OME Sleeve

1x ARB3111 – ARB Awning 2000

1x 10800352 – ARB Fridge 37 Quart








Our giant black box got us a little attention at the border, but in the end we just had to pay our taxes and they let us back into Canada.  One border crossing and no bribes so far!  Yay!  😉

Thanks again to Matt at ARB for the hookup!  You’re helping to make our little dream a reality!

Check out our affiliate links through Amazon if you’re interested in purchasing gear from ARB.  The price stays the same, but we get a little cut of the profits.  Thanks!



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