“I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth.”

– Steve McQueen

We planned on meeting up with Song of the Road in Orange County.  We when got in touch with them on Friday morning they said they were on their way to the 2013 SoCal Mountain Rendezvous put on by American Adventurist.  Since we were relatively close in Santa Barbara we detoured slightly East to the San Bernardino mountains.

After a couple hours of driving and an elevation change from 10ft to 6500ft we met up with Sam and Erica from Song of the Road.  We camped with them, Marc from XP Camper, and Bryon from Exploring Elements.  Bryon camped in a bivy sack while the rest of us were well off the ground and protected from the coyotes.  Whatever Bryon was doing it definitely wasn’t #uberlanding.

Check out the photos and captions for this event and make sure to book some time off for the SoCal Desert Rendezvous happening spring of 2014.


All-Pro Offroad brought their sweet solid axle Tacoma to the event.DeskToGlory_SoCal_mountainrendezvous2013-3

There were about 40 door prizes for the 110 vehicles that were at the rendezvous.  We had our fingers crossed for the set of Fox Racing shocks or tickets to Overland Expo 2014, but we were skunked this time. 🙁DeskToGlory_SoCal_mountainrendezvous2013-4

A wicked pop top 70 Series.  DeskToGlory_SoCal_mountainrendezvous2013-5 DeskToGlory_SoCal_mountainrendezvous2013-6

Marc’s XP Camper was making us a little jealous… it’s almost the size (and as comfortable) as our apartment back home!DeskToGlory_SoCal_mountainrendezvous2013-7

We ventured on a little hike to Jenks Lake with Sam and Erica.DeskToGlory_SoCal_mountainrendezvous2013-8 DeskToGlory_SoCal_mountainrendezvous2013-9 DeskToGlory_SoCal_mountainrendezvous2013-10 DeskToGlory_SoCal_mountainrendezvous2013-11 DeskToGlory_SoCal_mountainrendezvous2013-12

Outback Proven’s FJ Cruiser was driven to the event by Bryon Dorr.DeskToGlory_SoCal_mountainrendezvous2013-21DeskToGlory_SoCal_mountainrendezvous2013-22

We finally met face to face with Jerry from Tembo Tusk.  He was handing out beer cozies to anybody who was carrying a naked bottle or can.  Check out their lineup of fridge slides and camp tables.  It’s a labour of love for him and you can definitely tell in the quality of his products. DeskToGlory_SoCal_mountainrendezvous2013-13

Check out the only other rig with a CVT Cascadia Vehicle Tent and annex.DeskToGlory_SoCal_mountainrendezvous2013-15


The second evening of the event was the dutch oven competition and potluck!  The quality and quantity of the food was incredible.  From pulled pork to tomatillo salsa verde tacos to pear cobbler… mmm… we’re still thinking day dreaming of this meal. Erica prepared her 3rd place tacos below:DeskToGlory_SoCal_mountainrendezvous2013-14




The dutch oven contest in full effect!DeskToGlory_SoCal_mountainrendezvous2013-19

Erica scoped out the competition as Tembo Tusk prepared their 2nd place Tembo Tusk chili.DeskToGlory_SoCal_mountainrendezvous2013-20


Check out the spread!DeskToGlory_SoCal_mountainrendezvous2013-24 DeskToGlory_SoCal_mountainrendezvous2013-25

The happy (and 5lbs heavier) couple.DeskToGlory_SoCal_mountainrendezvous2013-26 DeskToGlory_SoCal_mountainrendezvous2013-27 DeskToGlory_SoCal_mountainrendezvous2013-28 DeskToGlory_SoCal_mountainrendezvous2013-29


  • James

    damn now im hungry!

  • Bryon

    You guys rock! So stoked to meet you and hear about your travels. Great photos as well! Hopefully catch up with you in Baja soon. Travel well 🙂

  • Jim Cowan

    Wow, now I am impressed.. Thanks Brent. Thanks to all thsat attended. And to those who put on this fabulous show and tell. And of course the phenomenal dutch oven fixins. See yall in Flagstaff. And of course
    The Desert Rendezvous. Happy Trails. Pleasant journeys. And God Bless

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  • Sarah

    Awesome photos! Exploring Elements sent me y’alls way 🙂 Hopefully one day we’ll catch you guys on the road!


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