After our adventures in the mountains at the SoCal Mountain Rendezvous, we had the great pleasure of being hosted by Mike and Dana (parents of Erica from Song of the Road).  They were so generous and warm, we felt lucky to have spent some great times swapping travel stories, eating many delicious dinners, and drinking countless bottles of fabulous wine.  Mike and Dana – if you are reading this… thank you again so much for your hospitality and we can’t wait to run into you two again!


Southern California is pretty darn awesome.  We made our way through Los Angeles (which we will have to return to, as we pretty much just blasted through), Laguna Beach, Mission Viejo, San Clemente, and finally San Diego.  Here is our Southern California Love List.

1.  The People!  Well, at least all the people we met!  Everyone was very welcoming and generous everywhere we went.  We met up with Chris, Erin and Zephyr of Zephyr Sunrise for lunch, a tour around town (thanks, guys!), and some tasty crepes and coffee before a walk on the pier the next morning.  It was great hearing all about their adventures while traveling around the U.S. for ten months in their motorhome.

2.  The weather (for the most part!)!  It was so refreshing to have sunny days and warm weather after some cold camping nights.  We definitely stocked up on our vitamin D quotients.

3. The beaches!  Dang, California!  Pretty sure we should move to California when (if?) we are ready to settle down one day.  Watching surfers, jogging on the beach, the flour-like sand, and gorgeous sunrises/sunsets were the highlights.


Thanks for hosting us in San Clemente Chris, Erin, and Zephyr!


The San Clemente Pier. DeskToGlory_SoCal-1bDeskToGlory_SoCal-2 DeskToGlory_SoCal-3 DeskToGlory_SoCal-4Our campsite at the San Clemente State Park on the bluffs. DeskToGlory_SoCal-5

We made our way down to San Diego and stopped on Coronado Island for a bit of sightseeing!  This is the famous Coronado Hotel.DeskToGlory_SoCal-6 DeskToGlory_SoCal-7 DeskToGlory_SoCal-8 DeskToGlory_SoCal-9And then we drove to Balboa Park!DeskToGlory_SoCal-10 DeskToGlory_SoCal-11 DeskToGlory_SoCal-12 DeskToGlory_SoCal-13 DeskToGlory_SoCal-14 DeskToGlory_SoCal-15 DeskToGlory_SoCal-16

Our last couple hours in San Diego were spent wandering (and drinking) around the Gas Lamp Quarter.  DeskToGlory_SoCal-17 DeskToGlory_SoCal-18 DeskToGlory_SoCal-19

Once again reunited with Song of the Road!  We stayed at the Sweetwater Summit Campground just south of San Diego and about 15 miles from the border. DeskToGlory_SoCal-20


  • Dana Victorson

    Richard and Ashley,
    We enjoyed meeting you and spending time with you both in the mountains and our home. I know how you can fall in love with Southern California as we have lived here our entire lives. We hope to see you again at some time during your adventure, maybe in Mexico. I’d love to hear more about your many travels in Cuba, Thailand, and Israel/Jordan. Erica and Sam are lucky to have such great travel companions. Dana

  • erin

    great pics guys! i totally forgot about how awesome balboa is in san diego, glad you made it there. we had so much fun hanging out with you guys, hope our paths cross again soon! and i’m very relieved you made it into mexico safely and are having what looks to be an amazing adventure… keep in touch!


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