"We all define home in different ways. To a lot of people it's a specific city; for others, it's their parents' house. But, for some, home is a red Toyota pickup and the person sitting next to you. Ashley & Richard are the overlanding duo that make up Desk to Glory. They hail from Vancouver, but you'll currently find them on the road, somewhere between Panama and Patagonia. That's all we'll say for now... for

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THE MOUNTAINS ARE CALLING AND I MUST GO. - JOHN MUIR   After a weekend out of the mountains I was jonesing for a deep breath of that fresh mountain air.  Since Ash had to stay at home and work, I (Richard, duh) blasted out to Chilliwack to go for a hike with my buddy Alex. Two great resources we use to find hikes near Vancouver are the Club Tread website and Scrambles in Southwest British Columbia paperback.  Club Tread is

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MICROADVENTURES, A REFRESH BUTTON FOR EVERYDAY LIVES - ALASTAIR HUMPREYS   After five days of working in the city we need to get out.  By Friday it doesn't matter where we go as long as we're away from the hustle and bustle, city lights, and crowds of people.  We want to sit in front of the campfire with friends, watch the stars come out, and fall asleep to the sound of a nearby creek. We made


To be honest, our first month home was a bit of a whirlwind.  Within a week we had found a new place to live and bought a truck.  By the second week we had visited all of our immediate family and moved the necessary belongings into our new home.  We were both back to work by the third week home.  By the end of the fourth week we rememebered why we were here in the first

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