After grubbing up in the wilderness for three days we booted south to Puerto Varas for a much-needed shower and laundry stint.  We parked at the Compas Del Sur Hostel and took advantage of their hot showers, warm wood-fired indoor living space (couches!), and the delicious free breakfast. We took some time to wander around the town, eat some empanadas, and enjoy the sunshine. While wandering around town we saw something we hadn't seen in

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From Argentina's Lakes District we popped back over the border to Chile.  An adorable white lab inspected the back of the truck for any contraband (i.e. fresh fruit and vegetables) and we headed into the thick jungle-like greenery of Parque Nacional Puyehue and Chile's Lakes District.  The air became fresh and damp, clouds rolled in, and we proceeded to Puerto Varas to stock up on food.  The general feel of the trip had suddenly changed.

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Yet another border crossing took us from Argentina into Chile.  Our next destination was the infamous and well trodden Torres del Paine National Park.  The park receives over 140,000 visitors per year so to say that it is a popular destination would be an understatement. Located in Chilean Patagonia, the park was created in 1959.  Prior to its creation the land was part of a large sheep ranch.  According to Trekking in the Patagonian Andes by

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My Grandfather became ill in October (we were in Peru at that time) and was hospitalized for four months.  He was released from the hospital in February.  While housesitting at Lorraine's place we made the decision to travel home to Vancouver for two weeks to visit my Grandpa.  I didn't want to have any regrets and my family had told me that he was quite frail.  So we hopped on an airplane and arrived in Vancouver 15

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We had some chores to take care of in Santiago before Richard's mom arrived for a visit.  Santiago de Chile (in case you get confused with which Santiago I am speaking of) has a population of around 5 million people.  Manicured parcels of grass fill the boulevards, palm trees line the streets, and shiny Mercedes, BMW's and Porsches speed through highway traffic like race cars with exhaust notes echoing through the underpasses.  The rest of the

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From the Paso Internacional Los Libertadores (Argentina/Chile border) we snaked our way downwards from 10, 500 feet, completing the 29 hard switchbacks carved into the Andes.  We couldn’t imagine driving up this road in the wintertime, covered in snow I would expect, while heading to one of the numerous local ski hills up top. Reluctantly, we parted ways with Chris and Mallary as they made the turnoff towards Santiago and we headed towards the coast. After a

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When we were in La Paz, Bolivia, we met Ian from Burns Lake, Canada. Richard immediately recognized his white Mitsubishi Delica from a build thread on Expedition Portal several years ago. The former owner Dino Evo drove the Delica to Ushuaia from Vancouver, and Ian was the third owner of the vehicle since it was built. Anyway, we got to chatting with Ian after seeing his British Columbia license plates and he mentioned that during his

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