As the truck was now in order and our hotel room was becoming much too comfortable, we set off for the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.  Who could resist the tropical beaches, warm breezes, and fresh seafood?  We were pumped to start the journey. We blasted out of San Jose, only missing one or two turns as we got used to our GPS again.  Our spirits were high.  We’re doing this!  As usual I said

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Just as Ashley was mentioning how well our flights from Vancouver to Houston to Costa Rica were going, our connecting flight from Houston to Costa Rica was cancelled.  I guess Volcan Turrialba had other plans for us when it erupted and cancelled 13 flights due to the ash it spewed onto the San Jose airport runway. After a night at the Houston Intercontinental Ramada Inn and a little bit of alcohol to make the night go

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We spent the our last few days in Jaco at the Kangaroo Hotel prepping the truck for 11 months of storage, and our spare time was spent surfing in the Pacific and swimming in the hotel's pool.  It took us about two days or so to do a full clean out of Little Red, including washing all of our dishes and utensils, vacuuming out the cab and the tent, packing up the stuff that would

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The Nicoya Peninsula.  Possibly one of the greatest drives of the trip.  Fast dirt roads give way to water crossings and then turn into slow technical trails.  Then you repeat.  The scenery alternates between lush, bright green fields filled with cows and stunning beaches with turquoise waters and crashing waves. On our first day we started at Playa Grande and we drove down to Nosara.  We stayed in Playa Guiones for few days of surfing

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We get it Costa Rica, you're beautiful.  You have lush green rainforest, white sand beaches, bright blue oceans, and deep red sunsets. After crossing the border we headed straight for the Junquillal Bay Wildlife Refuge for a night of camping on the beach.  We arrived and were told it was $19 per person to camp.  WTF.  After we stared in disbelief at the cost for what seemed like forever.  Finally the park "ranger" told us

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