We get asked this question a lot so we'll do our best to answer and give some tips. First things first. We did not receive money from any company to go towards our trip and we didn't ask. Sponsorship is a slippery slope and best explained in this Expediton Portal article, The Truth About Expedition Sponsorship. However, we DID receive product donations and/or discounts that helped us put together the truck and therefore saved us

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We opted for a dual battery installation after we purchased our ARB 37 Quart Fridge Freezer and Samlex America 1000W Inverter SSW-1000-12A.  After some consideration we also decided to install an 85W Samlex Solar panel.  We hoped (and have been) spending up to a week on secluded beaches with no amenities except for what we bring in the truck.  The solar panel has provided enough energy (up to 50W midday so far) to keep the fridge

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The first thing you need when going clam digging is knowledge and experience on the subject.  Since we didn’t have either of those we set off with eight hands, a bucket, and a shovel. We weren’t 100% sure what the deal was with the whole “red tide” thing, but guessed that we’d be able to see the red algae (or whatever the heck red tide is…).  Since the water was the clearest we’ve ever seen

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It has been just over 4 weeks since we departed on our journey from Vancouver, BC and made our way down to Baja, Mexico.  We left the safety of our downtown condo, secure 9-5 jobs, our friends, family, and our fairly normal North American lives.  In a mere 4 weeks, our lives have drastically changed in every possible way – and we’re loving every minute of it.  You may wonder what life on the road


The week leading up to departure day was all a blur.  Rich’s last day of work was on a Thursday, Ash’s last day of work was on a Friday, and we moved our entire condo contents from Vancouver to Ash’s parents’ place in Kelowna on Saturday (big shout out to Ash’s parents’ and brother for all of their help!!).   We hung out in Kelowna for about a week getting the truck ready and "finalized",

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"It's only when we truly know and understand that we have limited time on earth - and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up - that we will begin to love each day to the fuller, as if it was the only we had." - Klisabeth Kübler-Ross It's Monday.  You've been counting down the hours all weekend until you get to sit down at your desk and get to work!

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Disclaimer - Despite how it sounds in this post, we are truly grateful for our jobs.  We enjoy them most of the time.  We like our employers.  We like our co-workers.  We love our passions that have turned into second jobs and we'll continue to pursue nutrition and photography work while we travel  This decision is right for us right now.  It wasn't right for us 2 months ago and it may not be right

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