We honestly didn’t know if we were going to head to Caye Caulker or not.  The island is a fantastic tourist destination and was bound to be expensive.  We went anyways and it was worth every penny.

After saying a quick goodbye to the truck we left Backpacker’s Paradise and headed towards the water taxi dock.  An hour ride on the Thunderbolt I (powered by 3x 200hp Yamaha outboards) brought us to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye.  Then we were on a shorter ride from San Pedro to Caye Caulker.  Sure, it’s a little touristy over here, but was laid back, were no cars, and very easily walked.  The island is only a couple blocks wide and eight km long so bikes or walking are the most popular modes of transportation.

We shared a room at Sophie’s Guest House with Sarah and Wilson on the west (quiet) side of the island.  Our first day was spent sampling the food and swimming at The Split.  The Split is a relatively new addition (subtraction?) to the island when Hurricane Hattie ripped the island in two in 1961.

Main Street, Caye Caulker140302_DeskToGlory_CayeCaulker-1Wilson enjoys Ender’s Game from the hammock at Sophie’s Guest House.140302_DeskToGlory_CayeCaulker-2 140302_DeskToGlory_CayeCaulker-3 140302_DeskToGlory_CayeCaulker-4 140302_DeskToGlory_CayeCaulker-5 140302_DeskToGlory_CayeCaulker-6 140302_DeskToGlory_CayeCaulker-7While we were here we had to snorkel.  What’s the point of spending time near one of the longest reefs in the world if you’re not going to explore it?  We hooked up with Tsunami Adventures for our 3 hour snorkeling tour.  After hopping on one of their little 18ft boats we cruised out to the reef and flopped off the boat.  We saw all sorts of fish (lion fish, giant barracudas, angel fish), conch, eels, and a little hawksbill turtle before jumping back into the boat to Shark/Ray Alley.  Right, like we’re going to hop into the water with stingrays and sharks.  Good thing they were nurse sharks and we were deep enough not to have the chance to step on the stingrays.  Best snorkeling we’ve ever done.  Period.  140302_DeskToGlory_CayeCaulker-8 140302_DeskToGlory_CayeCaulker-9 140302_DeskToGlory_CayeCaulker-10Blurry GoPro photos show the fury of the stingrays and sharks.  Okay, maybe there wasn’t any fury.DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO

And then we met George.  His line to Richard was, “You must be a great fisherman, man.  To get a catch like this.” And then he pointed to Ash and gave Richard a hug.  Our friend Fer was in Caye Caulker and had the pleasure of having George as her bartender only weeks before.  He made sure to offer “…free shots for the pregnant lady.”  Thanks George!140302_DeskToGlory_CayeCaulker-14The Split140302_DeskToGlory_CayeCaulker-15 140302_DeskToGlory_CayeCaulker-16Optional mode of transportation140302_DeskToGlory_CayeCaulker-17 140302_DeskToGlory_CayeCaulker-18 140302_DeskToGlory_CayeCaulker-19 140302_DeskToGlory_CayeCaulker-20 140302_DeskToGlory_CayeCaulker-21 140302_DeskToGlory_CayeCaulker-22 140302_DeskToGlory_CayeCaulker-23 140302_DeskToGlory_CayeCaulker-24 140302_DeskToGlory_CayeCaulker-25 140302_DeskToGlory_CayeCaulker-26




  • Rhonda

    Glad you made it out to the cayes… we love both Ambergris and Caulker… such a little slice of paradise and what amazing water!

  • Tim

    I so love reading your guys’ descriptions of your adventure!! And just a little more than the words are the amazing pictures!! You are amassing memories of a lifetime and can’t wait for the book!! I have different visions of my slices of heaven but that you get to yours is truly an answer to a prayer — will be doing what I can, when I can to help!! Take care and stay safe!! You have had some close calls!!


  • Natalie

    Ugh, I’m so jealous!! This looks amazing, guys…

  • Dan

    Your posts are the perfect remedy for a dreary Tuesday at the office. Thanks for that.

    I despise you, but thanks 😉

  • Ashley

    Mike and I have been sitting here looking through all your posts. Your adventure is so inspiring!! And these pics are epic!


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