So what do you do on the road during a holiday?  You invite your new friends over for a party, that’s what.

Richard’s mom had rented us a little apartment in PV for a few days over Christmas so we had somewhere  to host other travellers.  We bought a piñata, some tequila, made our now famous German potato salad (okay, not famous at all, but still tasty) and invited Sam and Erica from Song of the Road, Mike and Tiffany from You, Me and the Dogs, and Julea and Alan for a Christmas potluck. Don’t get us wrong, we love Mexican food, but having a meal of beef stew, chilli, stuffing, and fresh vegetables was a really nice change!

The best thing about travelling is that although you’re away from your friends and family you always find new friends to spend the holidays with.

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  • ben

    Do you guys have a link/recipe for the german potato salad?


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