With a simple text message conversation our short-term life plans were about to change.  At least there isn’t going to be a divorce or babies…. Phew!

I met Ashley  for our “life chat” at Trees Organic Coffee (2655 Arbutus) on April 13, 2013.  Our full-time day jobs combined with our part-time evening/weekend work became too much that afternoon.  Ash hit the wall hard, pushed through, and now had hit another wall.  It was time for a change and time to ask ourselves the question,

“WHAT are we going to do about it?”

We’re going travelling.  We leave in October and will return to Vancouver next summer for the wedding photography  season.  We have 5 months to pay off our debts,  sell our junk, save some money, build a truck, rent out our condo and quit our jobs.

We’ll share our travel preparation ups and downs as well as our stories and photos after we hit the road.  We’re ecstatic you’ve joined us on this adventure!  Now… back to Craigslist so we can sell some more stuff!


  • ashley

    This is a total inspiration for us! Can’t wait to see your journey unfold!

    • Rich and Ash

      Hi Ashley!

      Thanks for the support! We can’t wait to start our journey! We’ll touch base during the trip… if our photos and story are blog worthy maybe you’ll be so kind to feature us on 🙂

  • Yvan Tremblay

    Bonjour du Quebec…I just discover your blog, can’t wait to read everything to get inspired.


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