Lo De Marcos is a sleepy little coastal Mexican town (pop. 2000) that we would have driven right past if it were not for the fact that Ash’s Auntie Barbie was housesitting there.  We were just a little north of town so we popped in for a few days to visit.  Fortunately we were able to stay in the house and enjoy running water, laundry, hot showers, electricity… and great company!

For the first time in months we had a schedule.  We planned to meet Barb at 8:30am for a little hike out of town and through to a secluded beach.  We rolled in from 15 minutes north of town at 8:15am proud that we showed up early.  Too bad that there is a time zone change at Lo De Marcos so we actually showed up at 9:15am… 45 minutes late.  Whoops!  At least we made it there safe and sound, that’s the most important thing, right?

For the first time on our trip we were with somebody who could speak the language.  Barb spoke to everyone we saw, “Hola, buenos dias! …” and started conversations with many of the locals.  We met Bebe, the grocer, when buying fresh fruit and veggies.  We chatted with Rodrigo the fisherman when buying some fresh off the boat dorado for our fish tacos.  We really got to know Lenny the cowboy who brought us on a four hour horseback ride through the countryside and along the beaches.  Check out Lo De Marcos Adventure Tours to contact Lenny for a tour.

Throughout Mexico we have been welcomed with open arms, but when able to communicate more effectively, we finally connected.  More Pimsleur, studying of the Spanish text book, Spanish lessons with Barb on our long walks, and a homestay/school in Guanajuato will get us on our way to conversation!  Day by day we very slowly improve.

We could have set up camp here for a while, but after four days it was time to head back north to Rincon de Guyabitos to visit with more family!

Our home away from home for a few nights.131220_DeskToGlory_LoDeMarcos-1131220_DeskToGlory_LoDeMarcos-7 131220_DeskToGlory_LoDeMarcos-2 131220_DeskToGlory_LoDeMarcos-3 131220_DeskToGlory_LoDeMarcos-4 131220_DeskToGlory_LoDeMarcos-5Halfway through one of Barb’s famous power walks!131220_DeskToGlory_LoDeMarcos-6It seemed like everyone from the town was in or watching the Christmas parade!131220_DeskToGlory_LoDeMarcos-9 131220_DeskToGlory_LoDeMarcos-10 131220_DeskToGlory_LoDeMarcos-11 131220_DeskToGlory_LoDeMarcos-12 131220_DeskToGlory_LoDeMarcos-13 131220_DeskToGlory_LoDeMarcos-14 131220_DeskToGlory_LoDeMarcos-15 131220_DeskToGlory_LoDeMarcos-16 131220_DeskToGlory_LoDeMarcos-17 131220_DeskToGlory_LoDeMarcos-18Breakfast at the house.131220_DeskToGlory_LoDeMarcos-20 131220_DeskToGlory_LoDeMarcos-21 131220_DeskToGlory_LoDeMarcos-22


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  • Helen and Harley

    You folks look like you are having a great time. We are homesick, we spent 3 months in Rincon de Quayabitos and loved the area
    Merry Christmas and May you continue safely on your journey in 2014.

    Hugs to both of you!


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