We decided to head south from Kelowna and threw away our original plan of heading to Alberta, and through Montana and Idaho before crossing over Oregon to the coast.  Frankly, we are both just wusses in the cold and weren’t interested in freezing our butts off in our tent.  No problem, heading south suited us just fine.  We definitely didn’t regret our decision after heading through the central Northern section of Washington State – which was new to both of us.  It was a pleasant surprise and the views were impressive.  One thing we noticed was the constant change of scenery – orchards, desert, and forest passes kept our eyes wide and mouths open while gazing out the window as the scenery passed us by.

We were also surprised at the amount of RV’s out there!  Going south, going north… It didn’t really hit us that this is a popular time of year for RVing– sure the weather isn’t as warm, but the summer crowds have subsided by now, and the crisp, fall air makes for great walking and hiking vibes.  Maybe our next trip should be in one of this bigger rigs… or an Airstream trailer…

We rolled through Oroville, Omak, Wenatchee, and Ellensberg (frankly can’t remember much about any of these towns… woops!) and finally ended up in Yakima for the night.  We had no wifi, no tour books, and no plan.  We drove around Yakima, trying to find a Starbucks to get a wifi signal to find out where to camp for the night.  No luck.  We stopped at a gas station and had no luck there.  Finally we ended up at a Howard Johnson hotel to ask for information (“Camping?!  In Yakima!??”), and found the only campsite nearby.  Thank goodness it was in town!  We pulled into the Yakima Sportsman State Park almost in the dark, but thankful we had somewhere to stay for the night… and we were able to fall asleep once the racetrack nearby shut down for the evening.


The view from our new home:



Ashley, navigating our way though Washington state:131014_DTG_Washington&Oregon-3

Bighorn sheep!  They’re there on the bottom right… we were too slow to capture them with a zoom lens. 🙁


Get ready for 10,000 photos of the truck with slightly different backgrounds!




Wenatchee had this awesome little grocery store where we grabbed a smoothie for the road!  We also bought a bottle of red wine for $3.  Couldn’t say no to that!  Somebody is excited!!


And of all things the weird things you see at gas stations… a horse tied to an Isuzu Rodeo.  Right…




  • Louise Williams

    Great pictures! Just think, one day soon you will be complaining about the heat!

  • Breena Walters

    I know you won’t be in the states long and you may already have maps you like, but you can pick up a Rand McNally atlas in any gas station and they are well worth the $15. They show a TON of state park campgrounds in each state. Hope to meet you guys in Baja!


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