“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.”

– William Butler Yeats

Pismo Beach was another town we almost didn’t stop in, but were so glad that we did!  You know it’s going to be a good place to stay when it costs $10 to camp on the beach at the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area.

We pulled onto the hard packed sand of the beach and headed south to the camping area.  We were told that any place south of post 3 was available for camping, but we didn’t see anybody on the beach… so we kept on driving.  Apparently this lack of campers is unheard of on the weekends, but during the weekdays the beach is mostly free.  Eventually we ran across a group of trailers so we used them as a gauge and camped a little higher on the beach then they were.

It didn’t take long before we were visited by one of the guys from the trailer city next to us.  He invited us over that evening and then we were continually asked to join them for every meal after that.  This group of guys were all family on their annual Pismo Beach weeklong vacation.  They fed us an amazing dinner, sang “Happy Birthday” to Ashley, told countless stories around the campfire, and used the dutch oven to create the most delicious peach cobbler we had ever tasted.  At the end of the second evening we flew some chinese lanterns into the night sky.

After only two days spend camping beside with these guys we felt like we were part of the family.  Handshakes and hugs were shared all around before we drove away were pulled out of the deep sand by one of their F-350s.  That was a little easier than pulling out the shovel and airing down…  Thanks again for your hospitality, hopefully we’ll catch up with you one October in the future!

We downloaded the local maps for our Delorme InReach so we could make sure we didn’t get lost… again.


Ash is excited that we didn’t get stuck in the sand… yet.DeskToGlory_Pismo-1b

Black bean soup and a side of kale fried in butter and salt. Nom nom.DeskToGlory_Pismo-2 DeskToGlory_Pismo-3 DeskToGlory_Pismo-4

#homeiswhereyouparkit #toyotalife.  We now have waterfront.DeskToGlory_Pismo-6

We loved this place.DeskToGlory_Pismo-7

How do you resist cinnamon buns?  You don’t.DeskToGlory_Pismo-8

We carb loaded specifically for our evening run… or maybe we went for a run after we inhaled this frosting and pecan topped beauty.DeskToGlory_Pismo-9

This guy really wanted us to share… DeskToGlory_Pismo-10 DeskToGlory_Pismo-11 DeskToGlory_Pismo-12 DeskToGlory_Pismo-13 DeskToGlory_Pismo-14 DeskToGlory_Pismo-15 DeskToGlory_Pismo-16 DeskToGlory_Pismo-17 DeskToGlory_Pismo-18 DeskToGlory_Pismo-19

Once again, time for laundry!  Richard only dropped a couple things in the sand…DeskToGlory_Pismo-22

Trailer city!DeskToGlory_Pismo-22a DeskToGlory_Pismo-23 DeskToGlory_Pismo-24



These chinese lanterns were pretty awesome for about $1 each!  Check them out on Amazon here.DeskToGlory_Pismo-25 DeskToGlory_Pismo-26 DeskToGlory_Pismo-27 DeskToGlory_Pismo-28

Dutch oven goodness!  DeskToGlory_Pismo-29 DeskToGlory_Pismo-30

Dan’s world Pismo famous peach cobbler!DeskToGlory_Pismo-31



  • Dan Rikalo

    Thanks for including us on your Pismo blog!!
    We really enjoyed our time together. If you make your way to Reno or Tahoe, be sure to look us up! Be safe.


  • James

    sweet! your gonna be doing alot more sand driving in baja baby! air down ahead of time, makes it elevntybillion times easier to drive on the sand and not get stuck,its amazing the diff it makes really


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