“Over 30 years of constant testing, innovation and development have led to the products you have depended on for performance and reliability. Our 20R – 22R – 22RE – 2RZ -3RZ performance engine products have brought us international recognition as the leaders in after market engine performance. “

LC Engineering made Richard’s dream come true by sending us one of their ceramic coated Street Headers and a complete Pro Flo Exhaust System.




inreach780“The inReach Canada website is operated by Roadpost. Roadpost Inc. was founded in 1991 and is the authorized Master Distributor of DeLorme inReach in Canada. Roadpost is a full service satellite communications provider serving thousands of business, government and consumer customers in Canada and the US. Roadpost is partnered with the satellite industry’s most capable network operators and equipment manufacturers including leaders like: Iridium, Inmarsat, DeLorme, GeoPro and Beam Communications.”

inReach Canada has provided us a Delorme inReach Explorer and Powered Ram Mount to use as we continue our journey south.  We’ll make sure to keep our Current Location page updated and provide updates on how the device is working for us.   The peace of mind provided by this 2-way satellite communicator will definitely keep our parents happy 😉



“We’re outdoor and adventure enthusiasts. We love the excitement of an adventure. Of trying something new. Waking up early in camp and getting breakfast started. Working really hard to get a great shot. And seeing it all come together.”

Sounds like our kind of people!  We are stoked to be working with Overland Empire and can’t wait to share some of the wicked gear we’re lucky to take down to South America with us.




ARBLogo copy“The origins of ARB can be traced back to Australia’s remote Top End, circa 1975. A region of vast distances and rugged terrain, it was fast becoming a Mecca for the nation’s burgeoning 4WD community. However, the very environment that attracted 4 wheelers also wreaked havoc on their equipment – when driving in extreme conditions, only the best 4×4 accessories will do.”

For our cross-Canada trip ARB wanted to make sure we had proper front end protection.  They shipped us a new ARB Bumper and a pair of ARB Intensity LED lights.

ARB was our go-to contact and was more than happy to support us by providing an ARB Awning 1250, 2000 ARB Awning Room With Floor, and a 2000 Wind Break for South America!  Stoked that our discounted Old Man Emu suspension system is build to handle the additional weight of all of these overland goodies!




“Traveling, whether you seek different cultures, epic scenery or the thrill of the unknown opens your mind to the wonders of the world. We at ExOfficio celebrate the traveler by crafting garments that allow you to experience the world unhindered.”

We hear that Exofficio’s Give-N-Go underwear are packable, odor resistant, moisture wicking, durable, lightweight, quick drying and above all comfortable.  Stoked that Exofficio hooked us up with a few pairs and some other clothes to try out on this trip!




“With a worldwide work force of over 400 people, EBC Brakes is an independently owned and managed leader in the brake market, proud of it’s customers, it’s products, it’s success and its people. EBC Brakes produce the largest range of brake pads and brake discs in the world, with over 5000 part numbers for every type of moving vehicle.”

Our original brakes were marginal at best for most of our trip since our truck is fully loaded.  We swapped in some Yellowstuff DP4807R front brake pads and really were surprised how much of a difference in braking they made for so little work.  Safety first!




“Since 1992, Pro Comp USA has been manufacturing high-quality, durable products for On- and off-road enthusiasts including tires, wheels, suspensions, shocks and more.  Starting in 1998 we took on tires and have since become one of the top tire manufacturing contenders in the aftermarket industry.”

After 40,000 trouble-free kilometers, from Vancouver to Santiago, it was time to replace our trusty Pro Comp Mud Terrains. I originally bought them because A) they were a legit mud-terrain with a beefy sidewall, and B) they were on sale.  It was an easy decision to put on another set of Pro Comp tires after the beating the originals took, but this time we got hooked up by Pro Comp with their newly designed Xtreme MT2. Sweet!




“For almost a decade Westcomb has been devoted to enhancing your ‘human-powered’ adventure. Hiking, climbing, skiing, boarding, biking, or any activity where your performance will be maximized, our gear keeps you drier, warmer, or cooler.  Leveraging the best that Canada has to offer, our landscape, culture, and manufacturing expertise, is all reflected in every product we produce.”

We are absolutely loving our Apoc waterproof shells.  After using a couple of other brands’ “waterproof” jackets that leaked we decided to make a call to Westcomb and see if they could help us out.  These Made In Canada shells are two of our favourite pieces of gear.




“Wigwam Mills, Inc. is proud to knit its socks in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, U.S.A., just for you because we care.  We care that thousands of manufacturers in this country sacrifice quality for less-expensive labor in other areas of the world, to increase the bottom line. We continue to lobby in Washington D.C. for programs that responsibly limit the quantity of imported products coming into this country while still pursuing a policy of fair trade with our many global neighbors. We care about the environmental, sociological, and financial implications of this policy.

Wigwam sent us down a couple pairs of their Ultimax socks to keep our feet toasty in Patagonia.  Much appreciated!



squadlogo copy


“We all live many lives splitting our time between work, play and giving back.  At KEEN we call this living a HybridLife. HybridLife is the KEEN mantra, our commitment to create solutions in our product and business practices, to design footwear, bags and socks that enable you to play anyplace without a ceiling; and our promise to care for each other and the world around us.

Richard is proud to be part of the KEEN Canada Squad!    After years of abusing his old KEEN hiking boots, Richard is stoked to always have a couple of fresh pairs to keep him on the trail!





BEST VALUE FOR THE HIGHEST QUALITY – Double Travel Hammock for 1-2 Persons with FREE Tree Friendly Straps, PREMIUM Wiregate Aluminum Carabiners, and included Compression Carry Bags.

Youphoria sent us a couple of their Camping Hammocks.  These things are like couches for your campsite!





“Live your adventure.  Innovation, quality and an appreciation of the outdoors: The passions of our founder, Eddie Bauer, remain the cornerstone of the Eddie Bauer business today. In conjunction with innovative design and exceptional customer service, Eddie Bauer offers premium-quality clothing, accessories and gear for men and women that complement today’s modern outdoor lifestyle. “

Eddie Bauer hooked us up with a few pieces from their First Ascent line, but our favourites to date are their insulated jackets.  They get worn every single day in Patagonia whether we’re living out of the truck or trekking through the Andes.




“Steeped in Swedish engineering, Primus has been globally recognized for pioneering outdoor cooking since 1892. Since then our innovative products have made countless expeditions possible through outstanding quality and performance: a Primus stove accompanied Roald Amundsen when he was the first person to reach the South Pole on 14 December 1911. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay used a Primus on Mount Everest when they climbed the summit on 29 May 1953.”

Primus stepped up our camp cooking game with their LiTech Superset and Kettle.  Those along with their Express Stove means we can cook in style.  FYI the non-stick coating on the LiTech frying pan means I can make some badass pancakes now!


A HUGE thank you goes out to the following people who helped us get our truck ready to drive from Vancouver to Costa Rica.

Cascadia Vehicle Tents gave us a HUGE discount on one of their Mt. Bachelor roof top tents!

Samlex America donated one of their SSW 1000W pure sine wave inverters (with installation kit) so we can keep our laptops charged and ready for blog posting!

Maxtrax shipped two sets of their awesome vehicle recovery devices to us!  We don’t normally get stuck in the sand, but when we do we’ll use our Maxtrax to get out!

Blue Sea Systems donated their SI-ACR Auto Charging Relay and Mini Dual Circuit Battery Switch.  Thank you so much!  This is a great foundation to build our dual-battery system!

Hella USA generously donated a pair of Rallye 4000 lights for our truck.  The 148541001 wiring harness will make it a simple install!  Super excited for these to light up the night!

Optima Batteries sold us one Yellowtop battery and donated a second for our dual battery system!  Thanks Optima!

Auto Custom Carpets gave us a 50% discount on a new carpet kit!