What do Canadians do after spending some good quality time at the beach?  Head into the mountains, of course!  From Hopkins Village we took the gorgeous Hummingbird Highway across Belize with a slight detour through the fascinating area called Spanish Lookout, otherwise known as "Little America."  All of a sudden we came through the jungle and into what looked like a town in Middle America.  There were tractors, rolling hills, and Steves's Diner.  (It may

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Yes, we did it.  Funny blog post name about Belize:  Check!  We spent 4 months in Mexico and, although we loved it, were ready to explore some new territory. As soon as Ash’s parents were on a flight back home we blasted out of the Yucatan ASAP.  It was time to get on with our regularly scheduled adventure.  Our last stop in Mexico was Chetumal.  After a quick four hour drive on the straightest and

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