The ruins of Teotihuacan were the first that we saw on our trip.

Finished in 100AD, the Pyramid of the Sun towers over the site and is the third-largest pyramid in the world.  We haven’t been to Egypt to see The Great Pyramid of Giza or to see the Great Pyramid of Cholua here in Mexco, but we’re inclined to agree with Wikipedia on that fact based on how out of breath we were once reaching the top of the Pyramid of the Sun.  

We also climbed to the top of The Pyramid of the Moon.  The views from here were ridiculous.  You look straight down the Avenue of the Dead with the Pyramid of the Sun looking immense on the left-hand side.

Unlike many other ruins in Mexico, you’re still allowed to hike to the top of these great pyramids.  Just make sure to do this early in the day, before the Sun tries to burn/dehydrate you, and before the crowds from Mexico City swarm the place.

The Pyramid of the Sun140213_DeskToGlory_Pyramides-2 140213_DeskToGlory_Pyramides-3 140213_DeskToGlory_Pyramides-4 140213_DeskToGlory_Pyramides-5

The Pyramid of the Moon 140213_DeskToGlory_Pyramides-6 140213_DeskToGlory_Pyramides-7140213_DeskToGlory_Pyramides-8

The Avenue of the Dead and The Pyramid of the Sun as seen from The Pyramid of the Moon.140213_DeskToGlory_Pyramides-9 140213_DeskToGlory_Pyramides-10 DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO

We camped at Teotihuacan RV and Trailer Park for a couple of days and also stored the truck here while we bussed into Mexico City.  The lush green grass, good company, friendliness of the owner, and walking proximity to the ruins make it a great place to stay.  Actually, it’s the only camping option as far as we know, so we were lucky it’s a good one!

Teotihuacan RV and Trailer Park:

Lopez Mateos 17
Adolfo López Mateos
Teotihuacan Centro
55800 San Juan Teotihuacán,
Mexico, Mexico
We parked behind an awesome Man truck and the 100 Series Land Cruiser owned by Dirk and Maria from 2Nomads.


  • Higginsons

    Sucks that the escalator was broken.
    Max and Charlie love the pyramid pics… although I think they’re still most fascinated by the idea of you sleeping in a tent on top of your truck.

  • Sylvester

    I am sitting on front of a cold computer waiting for my next commands from it to proceed, in the mean time, I am reading your adventure. Thank God I don’t have my truck yet or I would call it quits and join you guys. I will be patient; keep the updates coming for us that are chained to our desk.


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