The Muskoka Foundation in their own words:

Our vision is to create a fleet of hundreds of modern day explorers, who are traveling in developing communities around the world, leaving a wake of positive change. This network together can lead to a significant impact on the world we visit, reducing poverty, improving health and inspiring others to do the same.
Company Overview
Do Good As You Go is a network of volunteer experienced professionals, traveling the world and contributing to the communities they are visiting through our skills transfer & market access programs.  Our travelers are entrepreneurs, artists, doctors, teachers, etc – who are all unified under our philosophy of “Use what you know, to do good as you go.”

We knew that we wanted to volunteer at some point while travelling since we’d have the time available to do so.  Through other travellers we found The Muskoka Foundation and contacted them immediately.  We spoke with Katie Clancey, based in Guanajuato, months leading up to our departure date and just recently  got to meet her and the kids they work with.

One of the projects they’re working on is The Classroom on Wheels.  This mobile classroom/library/workshop is mainly used for communities outside of the core of the city.  Muskoka has developed this to provide after school activities to families that wouldn’t normally have that opportunity.  This 1996 Jeep Cherokee is that classroom.  It can be filled with books or art supplies and brought to any of the communities they work with around Guanajuato.  They only problem they had was that Jeep needed to stand out a little more.  Meks, a local artist, volunteered his time as well and painted the truck after we helped to prep and mask it.  Our main role during the stay was to document this process through photo and video so that Muskoka can share this project with a broader audience.

We’ll be working with Muskoka again on our way through Honduras, but this quick stop in Guanajuato was a great way leave something behind as we travel further south.

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Ash helped to organize the library. 140201_DeskToGlory_Muskoka_Guanajuato-9
Katie Clancey and one of the girls from Collectivo T.A.N. 473140201_DeskToGlory_Muskoka_Guanajuato-10
Katie Clancey describes the Classroom on Wheels project and how it is used in the community.


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