“We all define home in different ways. To a lot of people it’s a specific city; for others, it’s their parents’ house. But, for some, home is a red Toyota pickup and the person sitting next to you.

Ashley & Richard are the overlanding duo that make up Desk to Glory. They hail from Vancouver, but you’ll currently find them on the road, somewhere between Panama and Patagonia. That’s all we’ll say for now… for more of their story, check out the video below!

Working with Desk to Glory was nothing short of inspiring. They pushed us creatively, and simply being around them was a great reminder of how contagious enthusiasm can be. If we were able to capture even a fraction of their passion and drive, then we’ve done our job.”

Koyo Photography

Desk to Glory from Koyo Photography on Vimeo.

Thank you to our very best friends for creating this amazing video for us.  Here’s to hoping you can meet us in South America for Part Two!!

Here are a few still frames they took from the same day.desktoglory-19desktoglory-8 copydesktoglory-4 desktoglory-32 desktoglory-38


  • Harley and Helen deBruyckere

    Congratulations on starting the next journey in your life. You are a great inspiration to us and we share what you are doing with our family’s!’ May you always be safe and enjoy to the fullest this amazing time in your lives!
    Many hugs!

  • Ernesto and Taisa

    What an AMAZING video, guys!!! Absolutely love it. So inspiring too! We miss you big time but we are super happy you are living to its fullest. We can’t wait to follow your steps.

    Much love!

  • Rhonda

    Fantastic video!!! Oh boy, Ash… when you said you flew home to Vancouver and felt indifferent I understood perfectly how you felt down to the core of my being. We are currently working our fingers to the bone to get our house ready to get on the market and… I just don’t care about it. I look at the recently finished master bathroom and think “that looks nice” with a very abstract, third person sense of non-interest. We are cursing ourselves for having not done a lot of our current projects over the last couple of years, knowing we were planning on leaving, but realize, again, it was a feeling of indifference. This property has truly never felt like “home”… home was on the road when we did our RTW previously, and home now is in our camper on the weekends and mini-adventures that are getting us through until we leave again. And, like you guys, we have never been happier or healthier or felt more authentically us than when we were out exploring the world. Love that they captured your feelings in the video and, as always, so wonderful to be in touch, even just online, with others who feel the same as we do! Happy travels!!!!!

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