After an amazing hot shower and sleeping in a real bed, we left Petaluma and took off for the Napa Valley.  It offered us everything we needed – gorgeous sunny and hot weather, a campsite with hiking close by (and with showers and free wifi), and WINE TASTING!  We spent three nights in the area where we checked out some local wineries, did some hiking, and walked around downtown Napa and Sonoma.  Traveler’s tip: stop by the Napa Valley Visitor’s Centre and they will give you all sorts of great tips on which wineries to visit, and they have a bunch of two-for-one coupons for tastings!

We chose the St. Clement Winery which was an absolute treat (especially with our 2 for 1 coupon!).  We sat on the patio overlooking the adjacent vineyards, enjoying a light breeze floating through while sipping our red wine selections and marveling at how lucky we were to be enjoying ourselves so thoroughly.

After stopping by Mudrak Custom Cruisers for a little drool session we did some laundry in Sonoma.  Laundry seems like a mundane task, but when you are on the road clean laundry is a special treat!

We finished off the day by trying to track down Mario Andretti at his winery… unfortunately the Greatest Ever wasn’t showing his face so we took some pictures headed out of town.

The Skyline Wilderness Park:

DeskToGlory_Napa&Sonoma-25 DeskToGlory_Napa&Sonoma-1

Some pasta and red wine.  Seems appropriate… even in our plastic bowls!DeskToGlory_Napa&Sonoma-2 DeskToGlory_Napa&Sonoma-2a DeskToGlory_Napa&Sonoma-2b

The magnificent Castello di Amorosa winery.DeskToGlory_Napa&Sonoma-6 DeskToGlory_Napa&Sonoma-7 DeskToGlory_Napa&Sonoma-9 DeskToGlory_Napa&Sonoma-10

St. Clement’sDeskToGlory_Napa&Sonoma-11 DeskToGlory_Napa&Sonoma-12 DeskToGlory_Napa&Sonoma-13

We stopped by the V. Sattui Winery as they have a picnic area and deli.  It was the perfect lunch spot!DeskToGlory_Napa&Sonoma-14 DeskToGlory_Napa&Sonoma-15 DeskToGlory_Napa&Sonoma-16 DeskToGlory_Napa&Sonoma-17

Cruiser envy at record high levels at Mudrak Custom Cruiser:DeskToGlory_Napa&Sonoma-18 DeskToGlory_Napa&Sonoma-19 DeskToGlory_Napa&Sonoma-20

Clean laundry!!DeskToGlory_Napa&Sonoma-2c

Where’s Mario? DeskToGlory_Napa&Sonoma-22

DeskToGlory_Napa&Sonoma-23 DeskToGlory_Napa&Sonoma-24

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