We had the pleasure of finally meeting Dan and Marlene of Freely Roaming (also known as Mali Mish) “in person” after following their adventures as a family of five for as long as we can remember.

We chatted with the couple, who are currently in Croatia, about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their travel plans (and ours too!).

Check out the video below for Mali Mish’s experience leaving Morocco and arriving in Croatia where they spent two weeks in quarantine, what the current lockdown situation is like in Croatia and British Columbia, experiencing the beginning of lockdown in remote northern communities during our recent Arctic trip, and how all of our 2020 travel plans have changed.

I also interviewed Dan and Marlene for an upcoming feature in Tread Magazine regarding what they’ve learned from homeschooling their three kids, Ava, Mila and Luka while traveling full-time.

Check Out the Show Notes Below.

1:49Morocco Extends Their Lockdown by 30 Days

2:44Brief Recap of Freely Roaming’s Trip Through Canada

3:33Weather Delays in the Canadian Arctic

4:10COVID-19 in Remote Arctic Communities (Northwest Territories)

7:05How Our Travel Plans Have Changed Due to COVID-19

10:00How Freely Roaming’s Travel Plans Have Changed Due to COVID-19

12:38Split, Croatia During the Pandemic

14:00British Columbia, Canada During the Pandemic

16:40Impacts on Travel Insurance During COVID-19

17:48Current Status of Our 1990 Toyota Pickup Build