Have you ever spent time in Tim Burton’s mind?  If you haven’t, but you’d like a good idea of what it must be like you should really stop at Andres Carne de Res.  This restaurant is one of the first that we have stopped at that wasn’t an empty room filled with plain plastic tables and chairs.  Actually, this is about as far from the typical Colombian restaurant we normally eat at as you can get.

We stopped here in Chia (on the outskirts of Bogota) 100% based on a Lost World Expedition Pro Tip™.  Thanks Luis and Lacey!!

Flipping through the 60 page La Carta Menu we chose a few items to share, and expected that the food would be mediocre at best since there were so many different options to choose from.  Well it turns out we were totally wrong.  The food that came was fantastic and the atmosphere was crazy fun (even in the supposedly tame lunch hour).  Our only wish was that we could come back with a pile of friends, have some drinks, and spend an evening there.  Maybe next time!

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