As far as we’re concerned good lights are a safety item. We do our best not to drive at night in foreign countries. However, I do recall the first time we drove at night in Mexico. With the factory headlights it appeared that the road was clear and nobody was around, but when I flipped on the auxiliary lights the world came alive. Kids, cyclists, and livestock were hiding in the dark periphery. Nobody had lights or reflectors on them, so without the additional lighting we had no idea that they were only inches from the road.

Over the years we have run a few different types of lights on the front of our truck. Each time we go a little brighter and with a wider light pattern. This time around we chose a pair of white Baja Designs LP9 Sports with a driving/combo beam.

Watch the YouTube video for the installation and initial thoughts on the new Baja Designs LP9 Sport.

What do the LP9 Sports look like on the road?

Factory high beams:

Factory high beams + BD LP9 Sports:

From Baja Designs: The LP9 Sport is perfect for enthusiasts that want a full size light with modern styling and advanced features. The Sport model still includes all of the technology that makes the LP9 series so popular, from Direct Ducted Cooling – that keeps your light cool under stress – to the Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT), which produces an incredible 200° spread of usable light.

The LP9 Sport utilizes 9 forward projecting LEDS to produce 6,500 Lumens at 61 watts, and 6 LEDs for Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT) which produce 2,280 lumens at 21 watts.

As with all of our LED offerings, this light features uService technology – allowing customers to change the lens pattern and color depending on driving conditions, or simply when they want to refresh the lens.

So, how do they compare? The beam is slightly wider and brighter than the ARB Intensity AR21s (one spot and one flood) that we previously had on the truck and is significantly brighter and wider than the pair of Hella Rallye 4000s that we used in the very beginning. Obviously, any auxiliary lighting is going to be better than none, but we’re more than happy to have this improved setup on our Pickup.

Honestly, we get a special joy turning night into day with a flip of a switch.