Desk to Glory t-shirts are now available from Sackwear! If you’re not hip to  Sackwear / Cruiser Shirts, here’s the lowdown.  Tim McGrath (the brainchild behind the brand) has one of the nicest 40 series Land Cruisers I have ever seen.  He creates awesome designs based on real Cruisers and puts them onto (really comfortable) t-shirts.  You can keep up to date on the latest designs and see more images of his wicked Cruiser on his Instagram account @cruisershirts.


“Sackwear was founded in 2005. We got lost a few times in 2008 and 2011. But here we are, exactly where we should be. We make shirts. Shirts about Cruisers and the Cruiser lifestyle, along with other shirts that have dumb jokes we make up along the way. We celebrate exploration, the adventurous spirit, and are always a little too curious about what’s over the next hill. If you have a good sense of humor, and an even better sense of direction, you’ve come to the right place. “

We are stoked that Tim from Sackwear offered up to work his design magic for us and put together a Desk To Glory t-shirt with our favorite truck, Little Red!  Tim has created some badass shirts in the past so we were humbled that he chose our little pickup to be the first truck to grace the front of a Sackwear shirt.

The Desk To Glory shirts are now in stock and are available HERE.