Fish Tacos.  (R:  My mouth is watering right now just reading this.)

Day three (we didn’t move from the beach on day two) in Mexico had us on a hunt for fish tacos, baja style.  So far Mexico is all about the food and we don’t really see that changing anytime soon.

Once again we were lucky to be travelling with Song of the Road. Erica had heard of a place called Tacos El Fenix that was THE place for fish tacos.  We sketched out a route using a Lonely Planet and some wi-fi at Starbucks and started the journey.  We stopped for photos at the pharmacy and then for tostadas and horchata at La Guerrerense.  This street cart was made famous by Anthony Bourdain (and the delicious tostadas).

After a short walk through town we made it to Fenix, our hunger still intact.  We loaded our freshly battered and fried fish with salsa, cabbage, and chipotle sauce and took our seats on the side of the road.  This little roadside stand has the hands down best tacos de pescado we have ever eaten. (BTW, that’s fish taco in Spanish for those who aren’t fluent like us).  They were so good that we came back the next day and each had three tacos instead of two… just because we could… and because they’re only $1 each.

After lunch we made it to Camp 7 on the La Bufadora peninsula.  This was a rustic campsite with no amenities other than a barely functioning pit toilet.  The redeeming factors were the incredible views (from the trucks and the doorless pit toilet) and the $5 per night price tag.

Walking towards the malecon in Ensenada.  The place was devoid of tourists other than us.


Fish market!DeskToGlory_Baja_Mexico-19 DeskToGlory_Baja_Mexico-20

The ubiquitous Starbucks stop to get wi-fi and plan our route.DeskToGlory_Baja_Mexico-21

If you need cheap Viagra, than Mexico is the place to get it!  (This is an assumption based on the amount of street-side marketing we saw only…)DeskToGlory_Baja_Mexico-22

Shrimp and fish tostadas from  La Guerrerense.DeskToGlory_Baja_Mexico_A-1

Horchata to help cool our mouths from the ridiculous hot salsa Richard put on his tostada!DeskToGlory_Baja_Mexico_A-2Taco Time!DeskToGlory_Baja_Mexico-27 DeskToGlory_Baja_Mexico-28 DeskToGlory_Baja_Mexico-29 DeskToGlory_Baja_Mexico-30 DeskToGlory_Baja_Mexico-31 DeskToGlory_Baja_Mexico-32

Campo 7 on the way out to La Bufadora, about 30 minutes west of Ensenada.  Once again, we had these stunning views all to ourselves.DeskToGlory_Baja_Mexico-33 DeskToGlory_Baja_Mexico-34 DeskToGlory_Baja_Mexico-35 DeskToGlory_Baja_Mexico-36 DeskToGlory_Baja_Mexico-37 DeskToGlory_Baja_Mexico-38 DeskToGlory_Baja_Mexico-40