There was one thing we couldn’t get out of our mind…

Lobster burritos.  

Erica from Song of the Road had been talking about lobster tacos and lobster burritos the last time we had seen them and we just couldn’t stop thinking about them.  All that stood between us and this mouth-watering garlic butter covered goodness was the Mexican border.

After filling up the truck with genuine USA 91 octane (and only creating a small environmental hazard due to a faulty pump shutoff) we followed Erica and Sam to the border.  Within 15 minutes from our campsite in San Diego, we were there.  So far so good.

We drove through the main gate, got a green light to proceed, and then quickly pulled over to show the border guard our passports.  He glanced at the passports, took a quick peek in the back of the truck, and waved us through.  We pulled over into the first parking space we could see (we drove about 50ft) and walked to the brand new SAT building on the right hand side.  We filled out the information for our tourist cards (visas), walked across the hall to the bank to pay for said visas, walked back with our receipt to pick up our visas, and then we were out of there.  Unlike the sketchy Thailand/Cambodian border crossing we went through a few years ago this was a cakewalk.

We’ll need to import our truck before leaving Baja, but that will be done in La Paz as instructed by at least three separate people we asked at the border.

Once again we followed the Song of the Road XP Camper and were thrust into Mexican traffic through downtown Tijuana.  We didn’t understand the new rules of the road, but after cutting off at least one municipal police officer with a sweet right-lane to left-lane exit across 2 lanes of traffic without a signal we made our way to Puerto Nuevo and the famous lobster burritos.

The close-to-the-border gringo price was worth every penny.  We rolled out of there in search of a place to sleep off our lobster coma. After about an hour of driving we pulled into the Clam Beach RV park and campsite.  We stuck to the “rustic” side of the campground away from the deserted RV park.  White sandy beaches were empty and ours to enjoy in solitude except for a couple of horses that decided to wander passed at sunset.  Hot showers were had and we had the fastest wi-fi on the trip so far.   Oh yeah, it was also the cheapest campsite we’ve stayed at so far.  We already love Mexico.

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