What is the meaning of Desk to Glory?

We all define home in different ways. To a lot of people it’s a specific city; for others, it’s their parents’ house. But, for some, home is a red Toyota pickup and the person sitting next to you.

Ashley & Richard are the overlanding duo that make up Desk to Glory. They hail from Vancouver, but you’ll currently find them on the road, somewhere between Panama and Patagonia. That’s all we’ll say for now… for more of their story, check out the video below!

Working with Desk to Glory was nothing short of inspiring. They pushed us creatively, and simply being around them was a great reminder of how contagious enthusiasm can be. If we were able to capture even a fraction of their passion and drive, then we’ve done our job.”

Koyo Photography

Desk to Glory from Koyo Photography on Vimeo.

Thank you to our very best friends for creating this amazing video for us.  Here’s to hoping you can meet us in South America for Part Two!!

Here are a few still frames they took from the same day.desktoglory-19desktoglory-8 copydesktoglory-4 desktoglory-32 desktoglory-38

We can’t thank our friends Aaron and Lindsay for putting this video together for us. Our hope is to make some more magic in the future, so… fingers crossed!