The next stop for us was El Porvenir, where we would be situated for a week volunteering with the Muskoka Foundation and Honduras Child Alliance.  Prior to our departure from Vancouver we organized a used camera drive and collected several point and shoot cameras, as well as a DSLR all donated by friends and work colleagues.  We also collected donations from friends and family in the form of school supplies and other necessities like toothbrushes and multi-vitamins.  After about 6 months on the road, we were happy to drop two boxes of donations off, as well as the cameras!  A huge thank you to those who donated cameras or supplies.

The cameras were instrumental to our stay in El Porvenir, as we hosted a three day photography workshop for two groups of local kidlets.  Most of these kids have never had the opportunity to use a camera other than the one you find on a smart phone.  We taught them some basic fundamentals of photography for the first two days and then let them loose on a photography scavenger hunt on the third day.  We had a fantastic time during our stay in El Porvenir and would recommend it as a great place to stop for volunteer work (there are a pile of cameras there just waiting for someone to run another workshop!).  A big thanks goes out to Katie, Nathan and Eve who helped organize us along the way.  We would also recommend the Om Porvenir B&B, where we were lodged during our stay in El Porvenir.  Ordin and Malana were fantastic hosts who offered tons of information about the local area.  They have secure parking as well.

Just for fun we drove the kids around in the truck for awhile before heading out of town.  Unbeknownst to us, this was the first time many of them had been in a vehicle before.  So that’s what all the excitement was about!!

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