Nearly two months ago we set off from the Expedition Overland hanger in Bozeman, Montana with our sights set on the Arctic Ocean, which borders the hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories.

Last year we joined the Expedition Overland Crew for Season 4 of ‘The Great Pursuit.’ Trips took us through the Sonoran region of Mexico, British Columbia, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Arizona. Around Christmastime the crew gathered in Bozeman, Montana to brainstorm for 2020.

Expedition Overland’s Solo Series was born out of our collective brainstorming session. The premise: One vehicle. One team.

Richard came up with the brilliant idea of a road trip north to Tuktoyaktuk. We had seen plenty of folks tackling the route in the summer, and it looked like quite the adventure. Why not try it in the wintertime?

After four weeks on the road (and numerous delays!) we’re happy to report that we arrived back home at the end of March. We recently sat down with Clay and Rachelle of Expedition Overland to recap some of our experiences in Canadian Arctic.

The Solo series is set to air on YouTube on May 22. We can’t wait to share our latest adventure with you!

Check Out the Show Notes Below.

8:42Backstory: Why We Sold Everything and Hit the Road in 2013

12:03Why We Chose a 1990 Toyota Pickup For Our Pan-American Trip

14:00Expedition Overland’s Solo Series

16:53Why We Chose To Undertake Trip to Tuktoyaktuk in the Winter

18:00Cold Temperatures

21:00General Trip Preparation

21:10Camping in the Wintertime

22:21 Learning to Relinquish Control

23:46Vehicle Maintenance/Preparation: 2016 Toyota Tacoma

26:38Webasto Heater

28:13Tires and Road Conditions

30:32Unexpected Border Challenges

33:37 – Q&A : Did You Have to Re-Fill Your Diesel Tank to Fuel the Heater?

34:52 How Much Snow Did You See Up There At This Time of Year?

36:36The Incredible Distance from Montana to Tuktoyaktuk (9600 km)

37:18How Did You Keep Your Water Thawed?

38:25How Much Daylight Was Up There At This Time of Year?

39:03Did You Use Snow Chains?

39:35Isn’t This Safer to do With Two Vehicles?

40:50How Did You Grow As A Couple During This Trip?

44:20What Did You Cook for Meals?

47:43What Was The Most Listened To Song of the Trip?

49:00How Did You Deal With Hygiene In The Cold/Snow?

51:50Did You Have To Use Maxtrax For Yourself? Did You Ever Get Stuck?

54:21What’s One Thing You Would Have Done Differently?

56:46What’s More Fun – A Trip By Yourselves or With a Group?