In May 2019 I had the privilege, along with Sunny and Karin of the Vagabroads, Taylor Pawley and Ann Brampton, of guiding a group of 12 women through Costa Rica on a Women Overlanding the World Retreat. After nearly a month of planning, daily Slack chats, weekly Zoom meetings and two test trips, our Women Overlanding the World team ran its inaugural retreat. What an amazing experience it was. I was fortunate enough to write about our trip for Tread Magazine’s November/December 2019 issue. The piece is now available to read online!

The plan was to arrive at our accommodation in the bustling city of San José, Costa Rica before rush hour. This was no simple feat. Navigating a convoy of five Toyota Hiluxes packed with sixteen women, amidst congested traffic, with motorcycles splitting lanes, and coping with aggressive Latin American drivers wasn’t ideal. Google Maps indicated our arrival time was becoming more delayed by the minute. If we didn’t get through San Jose’s bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic soon, our convoy could become trapped on the highway for hours and, most concernedly, we would miss out on the two-for-one happy hour margs in Barrio Escalante. Priorities.

To read the rest of this story, entitled Women Overlanding Costa Rica, head over to the digital version on Tread Magazine’s website.

– Ashley

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