“CVT is not a faceless company from some place you have never heard of. We are a family-owned company. Live life to the fullest and pursue your passion for the outdoors with our Roof Top Tents” – CVT

There are a few major players in the roof top tent game, but after one phone call to Bobby at Cascadia Vehicle Tents we were sold.  Yes, the tent is built very well and it is at a great price point, but Bobby’s fantastic attitude and personality are well worth the purchase (or at the very least, a phone call!).  He gave us the confidence that if we ever needed help with the tent that it would be sorted out immediately and quickly.

After 100 nights in the tent we are loving it.  We added a 1.5″ memory foam mattress for added comfort, but other than that the tent is as-shipped.  Our mattresses, sheets, comforter, and pillows all stay in the tent when folded so when we arrive at a campsite all we need to do is open the tent and climb in!

The tarantulas, snakes, and bugs can’t climb into the tent and we never have to worry about camping on wet ground.

How To Open Your Tent:

The Specs:  Cascadia Vehicle Tents Mt. Bachelor

Size: 56″W x 96″L x 50″Ht. (Open)

Size: 56″W x 48″L x 14″ Ht. (Closed)

Weight: 120lbs  –   Will hold up to 550 lbs

Base: Aluminum sheets and insulated foam

Frame: Aluminum

Ladder: Sliding adjustable aluminum ladder

Fabric: 280g Poly/Cotton Rip Stop Fabric. W/P PU coating, Breathable and Mold Resistant with UV Protection

Rain Fly: 420D Poly/Oxford PU

Mattress: High density foam 2.5″ thick

Travel Cover: Heavy duty PVC

The Tent On It’s Adventure:

You can’t beat this view of Clam Beach just north of Ensenada, MX140116_DeskToGlory_CascadiaTents-23

The cliffs near La Bufadora south of Ensenada, MX140116_DeskToGlory_CascadiaTents-22Chacala, MX140116_DeskToGlory_CascadiaTents-1Guanajuato, MX140116_DeskToGlory_CascadiaTents-2Baja, MX140116_DeskToGlory_CascadiaTents-3 140116_DeskToGlory_CascadiaTents-5Gonzaga Bay, MX140116_DeskToGlory_CascadiaTents-7Pismo Beach, CA140116_DeskToGlory_CascadiaTents-8Pismo Beach, CA140116_DeskToGlory_CascadiaTents-9Napa, CA140116_DeskToGlory_CascadiaTents-12Big Sur, CA 140116_DeskToGlory_CascadiaTents-13140116_DeskToGlory_CascadiaTents-15Somewhere on the Oregon Coast140116_DeskToGlory_CascadiaTents-16 140116_DeskToGlory_CascadiaTents-17


  • Sylvester

    Guys, you are my heros. I am purchasing a Tacoma soon and looking forward to my personal adventure. I am truly enjoying reading about your adventure. I use Google Earth to track your progress.

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  • Nate

    Thanks for the write-up! We’re on the verge of getting a roof top tent and it’s come to a showdown between a Tepui and a CVT. Any thoughts to sway us one way or the other? The two models in contention are the Tepui Autana Sky (it has two “sky light” windows in the roof of the tent) and the CVT Mt. Shasta. Both have covered entries and attachable annex’s/vestibules. Your insights would be greatly appreciated!

    • Rich and Ash

      Hey Nate,

      It’s hard for me to make a comparison since we’ve only ever used the CVT tent, but I can tell you a little more about our experience. We originally went with CVT because we were able to deal with the owner personally (Bobby Culpepper). Since there weren’t any tents from any manufacturer to view in Vancouver we chose CVT solely because of our communication with Bobby. After almost 200 nights in the tent it still feels like brand new, it has dealt with wind and rain really well, have had zero mildew issues, and is only slightly damaged from when I ran it into a tree by accident (whoops!). I believe CVT has a Stargazer option for their roofs now too!

  • Mike

    Great write up!
    I currently have a similar setup to you, Mt Shasta on a bed cage, and I am well versed in the great communication that Bobby provides and the comfort of the RTT.
    I do however, have a question for you two, probably directed more towards Ash…
    I am planning to take off down the pan-american highway next fall and trying to decide if we should be looking towards a hard side camper or if the RTT is fine… The biggest thing is that my GF is worried about camping in the RTT once we make it out of Canada and the US. At any point in your trip did you wish that you were in a hard side camper, or similar to the Exploring Elements setup or feel unsafe about sleeping in the tent?


  • Brandon Pilguy

    What size bedding do you use for your tent? I was thinking twin size sheets, comforter and mattress cover???

    • Rich and Ash

      We used queen size sheets for the mattress cover and sheet and then stuck with a couple of zippered together sleeping bags on top for most of the trip. – R


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