Let us start off by saying that we are mere visitors to these wonderful Latin American countries.  We can't comment on political issues, poverty, and the way of life of the millions of people we didn't meet.  We are merely describing our great three week experience in a country that we knew almost nothing about before we crossed the border...  - Richard and Ashley With a reputation of being the murder capital of the world who


The next stop for us was El Porvenir, where we would be situated for a week volunteering with the Muskoka Foundation and Honduras Child Alliance.  Prior to our departure from Vancouver we organized a used camera drive and collected several point and shoot cameras, as well as a DSLR all donated by friends and work colleagues.  We also collected donations from friends and family in the form of school supplies and other necessities like toothbrushes

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Many overlanders decide to drive straight through Honduras and complete two borders (El Salvador and Nicaragua) in one day.  The overlanders that do enter Honduras usually do so through the Copan crossing from Guatemala.  Since we wanted to hit some spots in El Salvador, we decided to cross into Honduras at the El Poy border.  This border is not frequented by travellers very often (at least, this was what we discovered while researching and while

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