La Penita Market 8am-Noon every Thursday

We were told by more than one person that we had to go check out the market in La Penita.  By 8am the vendors will be fully set up, but it won’t be too busy.

As Roy Orbison sang, “Anything you need, you got it!”

The market has anything you could need or want.  Trucks full of fruit or veg?  You got it!  Kitchenware, tools, parts for blenders and stoves?  You got it!  Anything you need, you got it.

We picked up a kilo of strawberries for $2.50, a pineapple for $0.50, almonds, dates, pecans, peanut brittle and a couple of bowls for our portable kitchen.

This swinging suspension bridge links Rincon De Guayabitos with La Penita.131222_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-20 131222_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-19 131222_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-18 131222_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-17 131222_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-16 131222_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-15 131222_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-14 131222_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-13 131222_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-12 131222_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-11 131222_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-10 131222_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-9 131222_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-8 131222_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-7 131222_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-6 131222_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-5131222_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-3 131222_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-2So, how do you get there?  We walked North from Delia’s Trailer Park in Rincon De Guayabitos along the main road, over the suspension bridge, and into La Penita.  Easy!Map_To_LaPanita_Market_DeskToGlory



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  • Rachel

    the bread looks fantastic – I hope you totally indulged.
    Happy new year to you both! Lovely to see all the sunshine and shorts when its raining right now in Vancouver


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