We love Rincon De Guayabitos.  So do the Mexicans.  Tourists from the inland cities poured into Guayabitos and covered the beaches, surrounded the taco stands, and cranked up the volume on every stereo system they could find.

The busy atmosphere made for a fun, bustling, and easy town to be in.  Oh yeah, once again the food was fantastic.  Our daily walk down the main drag netted us a giant fresh jugo verde (green juice) for just a couple of dollars.  A latte was only steps aways and cost us couple more.  And the roadkill chicken was eight bucks, and covered us for two meals.  Every morning the gas man toured around town in his truck, shouting el gaaaaaaas! from a microphone.  It became commonplace for us to hear his horn and song ditty all morning long, which gave us a daily chuckle.  We imagine that after driving around all day every day he has recurring nightmares with that song constantly ringing in his head.

A 30 minute walk south from town takes you to the Kissing Beach, where we made out for a bit.  Okay, there was no making out, but the beach was nice and secluded nonetheless.

We had the pleasure of spending some time with family here: Richard’s aunt and uncle and Ash’s uncle as well.  It was great to see some more familiar faces after a few months on the road.  They shared secrets of the area, stories from back home, and a recipe for the best (if only) German potato salad we have ever eaten.

131222_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-1Delia’s RV Park.  It’s the only one that’s not on the beach, but also the only campground with foliage.131223_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-3 131223_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-4 131223_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-5The beaches at Guayabitos were always packed with tourists and vendors.131223_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-6131223_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-8Roadkill chicken is fun for all ages.131223_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-9 131223_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-10En route to the Kissing Beach131223_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-1131223_DeskToGlory_Guayabitos-2Follow the map to the Kissing Beach!Map_To_TheKissingBeach


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