After a great day scoping out San Francisco, we figured it would be a good idea to head out to Yosemite (remember, that random guy told us the National Parks were open and we based our decision entirely on that).  By the time we rolled into our campsite (after 6 hours of driving) it was well past dark and we had driven around the park half hazardly without a map (par for the course), attempting to find somewhere to stay.  No biggie – that’s the way we roll.  As usual, we landed on our feet and found place to setup camp.

Yosemite is EPIC.

Every view at every time of day was unlike anything we had ever seen.  On our first day at the park we did a 6 hour hike along the Mist Trail, which passes by the Vernal and Nevada Falls.

After returning to the truck after our hike we noticed that Get Out of Town had left us their card, and are also on their way to the Baja!  We can’t wait to meet up with them at some point during our journey.

We also ran into Sarah and Hani from Adventures in Skyhorse as they rolled into the same campsite!  We jumped up and down like kids, waving at them as they pulled in.  We had a great evening swapping travel tales and joking around over a couple of beers (thanks, guys!).

DeskToGlory_Yosemite-1 DeskToGlory_Yosemite-2 DeskToGlory_Yosemite-3 DeskToGlory_Yosemite-4 DeskToGlory_Yosemite-5 DeskToGlory_Yosemite-6 DeskToGlory_Yosemite-7 DeskToGlory_Yosemite-8 DeskToGlory_Yosemite-9 DeskToGlory_Yosemite-10 DeskToGlory_Yosemite-11 DeskToGlory_Yosemite-12 DeskToGlory_Yosemite-13

The next day we hiked the Sentinal Dome and Taft Point loop, which offered some out of this world views.  We sat atop the Dome and marveled at the beauty of the world, and our luck that we were there to see it.

DeskToGlory_Yosemite-14 DeskToGlory_Yosemite-15 DeskToGlory_Yosemite-16 DeskToGlory_Yosemite-17 DeskToGlory_Yosemite-18 DeskToGlory_Yosemite-19 DeskToGlory_Yosemite-1-2

While waiting for the sun to set at Glacier Point, we met with Eric Wundrow and his wife.  They’ve decided to embrace the #homeiswhereyouparkit #vanlife and move their life into their VW Westfalia.  We’re alway envious of the cozy space inside these little machines.DeskToGlory_Yosemite-20


DeskToGlory_Yosemite-21 DeskToGlory_Yosemite-22 DeskToGlory_Yosemite-23 DeskToGlory_Yosemite-24


  • Chris

    Pictures are awesome! Thanks for sharing! When you guys make it down to Southern Orange Country, the last city in the O.C. is San Clemente. I’ve lived here my whole life. I recommend hopping off the freeway in San Clemente and staying at the San Clemente State Park for the night. I’ll post a few restaurant and local spots to check out when I get back later today. One of the best surf spots in the world is in South S.C. which is actually the northern San Diego county line. it’s a great little hike through the estuary to get down there and it’s totally undeveloped as it borders the military base.

  • Chris

    Sorry to lag, you guys are getting close to San Clemente. If you have time take a few minutes to do the following in S.C. It’s a beach town and it’s all about surfing and enjoying the beach.

    Go visit the San Clemente Pier and eat at La Gallete Creperie which is directly across the street from the Pier. Order the Rosetta Latte and tell Jeff that Chris, Erin and Zephyr sent you. Then take a walk on the pier where you will be able to see all the way north to Dana Point and south to Cotton’s Point. That is the location of Richard Nixon’s western White House, it’s the last spanish style white house in between the big palm trees way at the end.

    Then I recommend driving south to take the trail that leads down to Cotton’s point, Uppers, Lowers and Middle Trestles. It’s a local trail that 99% of people will never take, unless you live in town or are a surfer but it’s one of the coolest little estuary areas and surf culture spots in SoCal. Exit Christianitos road off the 5. It is the last exit in town. When you get off the exit you will be looking directly at the trail, marked by an old freeway divider with stickers and marks from skateboards. You have to go left and cross over the freeway then make your first left and park. If there is no street parking, use the parking lot and you’ll have to pay the $10 fee. Walk back across the freeway bridge and cross over to head do the old road/trail. When you get to the bottom take your first right which leads out to Cotton’s point. If you look to the left from the beach that is some of the best surf in California including, barbwires, uppers, lowers, middles and all the way down to San Onofre and the nuclear power plant or Nukes.

    If you are looking for a place to camp in the local area I highly recommend staying a night at the bluffs, called trails by the locals.

    This is one of the coolest spots to spend a night. You camp on the old highway and there are tons of trails that lead to the bluffs that overlook the highly secluded beach. You’ll be lucky this time of year to see one or two other people. The beaches are a mix of smooth rocks and sand. It’s an epic spot to hang.

    I hope you guys enjoy San Clement if you decide to hop off the freeway. Feel free to shoot us a text while you are in town. We would love to meet you in person. We just got a Tepui tent mounted on a trailer and tried it out for the first time up in the Sierra Nevada’s last week.

    • Rich and Ash

      Thanks for all of the great info Chris! We’re in Orange County for a couple of days and would love to meet up with you on our way down to San Diego. We’re most likely going to be in San Clemente on Wednesday and will definitely be in touch. Shoot us your number at and we’ll give you a ring!

  • Chris

    I forgot to mention, when you head down the the S.C. Pier you’ll pass down the main street in town Del Mar. It’s worth taking some time to walk up and down the only real street in town with shops and restaurants. If you are looking for an incredible place to have dinner, go to The Cellar. It’s cheese, wine and delights are incredible. Dylan is the local surfer/cheese monger and he will whip you up a special pairing based on what you like.

  • Ruben

    My Jealousy Quotient (JQ) just went up 10 points!

  • Travis Moraine

    Love what you guys have done with the truck!! Initially that is what caught my attention but now that I see your adventure, all I can say is ” awesome!!. ”
    Wish you a safe trip and a life time of wonderful memories 🙂


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