So… we’re flying home to Vancouver, BC on May 14.  What then?  Other than saving money for the next portion of the trip we plan on exploring our backyard in the Pacific Northwest as much as possible.

We’re also going to the 2014 NW Overland Rally!

The rally is a family oriented event where overlanders, car campers, motorcycle riders, and kids of all ages come together.


Have fun, learn stuff, and meet new friends!

Haven’t been to a NW Overland Rally before?  We haven’t either, so read the Exploring Elements recap of last years event for a taste of what to expect.  The only difference is that we’ll be there this year!

Check out this Expedition Portal thread for current updates and schedule.  We’ll update the schedule here as well as it becomes available!

Here’s a list of what’s happening this year, directly from the organizer of the rally:

Farmers Market

The local community in Plain has a Farmers’ Market in the parking lot of the hardware store, across the street from where we are holding the Rally.

It’s on Saturday morning, from about 7am to 11am. So plan your shopping list for the Rally accordingly. They apparently have lots of local produce, and things like honeys and jams, nuts, etc. Typical farmers’ market stuff. 


The field is double the size of last year, and it is on a slight slope with a series of camping benches and lots of tree shade at the top end.

The farmer is going to set aside a section with some garden-sprinklers for kids and dogs (and maybe some big kids) to play in if it gets hot as well. 

Four Wheeling

The off-road obstacle course is going to be better than last year, and a little more 4×4 friendly. 

Land Rover are sending out some different vehicles for everyone to play with. How’d you like to drive someone else’s $100,000.00 Range Rover through an off-road course? And then see if your vehicle is just as capable?

We are planning to have a few gnarly 4×4 trail rides this year, to compliment the scenic rides, but they are completely voluntary. I don’t expect truck damage unless someone doesn’t bring a spotter, but it should be challenging, meaning winches, teamwork, spotting, safety rules, etc.

Wine Tasting

Our favorite sommeliers, Andy and Mercedes, are going to do a virtual wine tour of the Pacific North West, bringing sample wines from the region for an evening of wine tasting, and I am trying to get a set of custom maps made up featuring the different wineries, so that anyone who wants to recreate the tasting by visiting all the locations can do so at their leisure. 

Zip Line

Zip Line! Apparently there will be a zipline in the valley by the time we hold the Rally. How cool is that? I can’t wait to try it.


Fly Fishing! I am hoping to organize some fly fishing mornings. The Wenatchee river is literally within walking distance of the rally field (about 1/2 a mile) but from what I understand from looking online, the areas open to fishing may be about 15 minutes away. I am trying to get more details. Anyone who has local knowledge please chime in here.

Moto Lessons

Puget Sound Safety Off Road ( should once again be on hand teaching both basic and intermediate riding in the offroad course. Got a big bike but feel a little nervous on the dirt? Haven’t ridden a dirt bike since high school? Comfortable on the dirt, but want to learn how to bunny-hop your GS1200? Whatever your level these guys are great.


Raffle Prizes – From what I have heard from vendors, we are expecting some huge prizes at the nightly raffles. Everyone gets a fresh raffle ticket every night, even kids. 

Light-Stick Tag

Speaking of kids, the ever-popular light-stick tag is sure to happen again once the sun sets. And if we are lucky we will see the Northern Lights again, at least for those who stayed up a little later at the campfire.


And speaking of vendors, we are expecting a lot more vendors this year, and we plan to set up a long line (or two) of vendors, making it easy to wander a long with a beverage in hand, visiting vendors, looking at cool gear, and planning what next to do to your rig.

Food Truck

We will have a food truck on hand again, for those who don’t want to cook every meal. We were thinking maybe Mexican this year?

Mountain Biking

We are expecting a top-end Mountain Bike vendor this year, with bikes on hand to try, and hopefully we will have some guided bike rides in the hills, and some time set aside for mountain bikes on the offroad course, for those who want to test their skills. 

River Rafting

The local River Rafting guys are expected to come, and I heard a rumor they may give a river rafting trip away as a raffle prize.

Photography Classes

Last year Roger ran a great introductory photography class. This year I believe OJ and Nat Geo shooter, and Canon Explorer of Light, Bruce Dorn, will be on hand to run a more advanced adventure photography course.

Loads of Other Fun Activities

Cooking classes, medical training, working on the road, practical off-road skills, (including how couples can work as a team to cross a difficult road obstacle and remain married), travel with pets, keeping kids happy, fixing a flat (punctures, patches, stitching, etc) and even skills like how to correctly fight a vehicle fire, including how to choose the right fire extinguisher, and where best to mount it, will be among the classes offered.


We’re really looking forward to taking part in this great event.  Hope to see you there!