Between the Bay of L.A. and Bahia Concepcion we mad a quick overnight stop at the oasis of San Ignacio.  This area is well known for its mission and dates.  We made sure to experience both.

Today the church is largely in its original condition, with its last restoration in 1976.  It is used by the local community for masses, weddings, funerals, and daily worship.  There is a rose garden to the north and garden to the south.  It was very tranquil gazing up at the bells of the mission with the birds floating across the sky.

First things first!  Airing up after leaving the La Gringa campsite in the Bay of L.A.131126_DeskToGlory_SanIgnacio-1This little 90P Viair compressor has been awesome so far!  From 18psi to 40psi takes just under 3 minutes per tire.131126_DeskToGlory_SanIgnacio-2The San Ignacio Mission131126_DeskToGlory_SanIgnacio-4 131126_DeskToGlory_SanIgnacio-5 131126_DeskToGlory_SanIgnacio-6131126_DeskToGlory_SanIgnacio-8Just one of our bags of dates!131126_DeskToGlory_SanIgnacio-7