Our friends over at Go Fast Campers started a brand new podcast called “You’re Really Out There!” We were lucky enough to be part of Episode 1: Volcano Eruptions & Modern Medieval Suspension.

You’re Really Out There is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Check Out the Show Notes Below.

Desk to Glory give up their day jobs and get rid of their apartment to travel to the arctic, only to find themselves back at home, living with their parents. Meanwhile Scott from family-owned Deaver Spring Inc reveals why no matter who you are and how hard you try, you’ll never get Mr. Deaver on the phone. Callers ask about safety while camping in Mexico and side stepping the cartel and learn many local Mexicans also ask similar questions about the US due to gun access.

1:03Desk to Glory Introduction

2:13Why We’re Currently Living With Ashley’s Parents

3:00Scott Deaver from Deaver Spring Inc. Introduction

4:05Past and Current Suspension Set-Up in our 1990 Toyota Pickup

5:05 Determining Which Springs Are A Good Fit For Your Vehicle

7:25Difference Between Deaver Springs and Old Man Emu Springs

8:19How COVID-19 Has Affected Deaver Spring Inc.‘s Day-To-Day Operations

10:48Overview of Our Recent Trip to Tuktoyaktuk & How We’re Staying Sane During Lockdown

12:04Our Longest Driving Days (In Ecuador & Peru!)

14:50Experiencing Long-Term Road Closures in Eagle Plains, Yukon and Inuvik, Northwest Territories

18:12The Journey vs. The Destination

18:30Our Favourite Road Snacks

20:20A Brief History of Deaver Springs Inc. (Since 1892!)

23:05How American Off-Road Racing Magazines Connected Deaver Springs Inc. With A Global Market

25:00How Social Media Is An Effective Marketing Tool for Deaver Springs Inc.

28:00How Taylor Procured an AMC Eagle

32:10Opinions on ‘Car Campingand Overlanding

37:10Our Favourite Pieces of ‘Gear’

40:27Q&A: How Do You Get Into Overlanding?

50:10History of National Spring Inc. and Other Players in the Leaf Spring Industry

53:13Deaver Springs’ Design Philosophy

58:30Q&A: How We Planned Our Route & Ensured Our Own Safety in Foreign Countries

1:06:05Q&A: Did We Know Spanish Before We Left On our Pan American Highway Trip?

1:07:43Q&A: Did We Travel With a Weapon?

1:09:00 Q&A: How Do You Finance A Long-Term Overland Trip?

1:17:12Q&A: Which rear suspension kit are we going to choose for Little Red?