So, what do you do on your first weekend home with a new truck?  You go camping in Mt. Baker – Snoqualmie National Forest, obviously.

We didn’t worry about the little things, such as not having any camping gear whatsoever.  We were able to borrow an old classic Coleman campstove from Richard’s Dad, put some kitchen gear in a cardboard box, grabbed our sheets, pillows and a blanket and then hit the road.  Our first stop in the US was at Fred Meyer.  We grabbed a couple of 4″ thick foam mattresses for $30 that were the perfect size to stuff in the bed of the truck.  Then we made our way to Trader Joe’s for food… and bought one of their $1 reusable bags to store it in since we didn’t have a cooler…

We arrived after the sun set and camped at the Douglas Fir Campground within the National Forest.  Then we proceeded to sleep for 12 hours… after the first 40 hour week of working in 8 months we needed some rest apparently.  We had planned on hiking the Chain Lakes Trail, but we were there a little too early in the season so there was too much snow on the ground.  We settled for the Horseshoe Bend trail across from the campsite to stretch our legs and then explored some of the National Forest by truck.

It feels good to be back in the mountains!!

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